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I had the privilege of collaborating with the iconic music streaming platform, Spotify, to create a series of business portraits that showcased the incredible women who are integral to their team. As a photographer dedicated to bringing out the individuality and personality of my subjects, this project was a harmonious blend of creativity and corporate culture, while also being a powerful celebration of women in business.

Elevating Spotify’s Women in Business: A Portrait Collaboration

I am delighted to share the incredible journey of our collaboration with the globally renowned Spotify. At the heart of this collaboration is my passion for capturing the unique essence of individuals through the lens of my camera, particularly when it comes to business portraits. This project holds special significance as it beautifully showcases the impact of these portraits on the incredible women in business at Spotify.

Crafting Business Portraits with a Personal Touch

At its core, my expertise lies in creating business portraits that transcend traditional headshots. My aim is to delve deeper, capturing the personality, authenticity, and individuality of each subject. Spotify recognised the power of such portraits to convey more than just professional prowess; they communicate the real people behind the titles.

Empowering Women in Business

For Spotify, the decision to focus on business portraits for their female team members was a conscious one, symbolising their commitment to celebrating women in business. These portraits offer a powerful medium to showcase the invaluable contributions and talents of the remarkable women within the organization.

Fostering Equality and Empowerment

In the world of business, women have been breaking barriers, shattering glass ceilings, and leaving an indelible mark on every industry. Through this collaboration, we’ve highlighted that business portraits can be a tool for fostering equality and empowerment in the workplace. They communicate that every individual, regardless of gender, has a unique role and story to tell.

Bridging Art and Corporate Culture

This project has allowed us to bridge the gap between the corporate world and the realm of artistic expression. These portraits celebrate the vibrancy, creativity, and diversity within Spotify’s corporate culture, emphasizing that work and art can harmoniously coexist.

A Fitting Tribute to Spotify’s Vision

Our collaborative portraits are a true testament to Spotify’s dedication to fostering creativity, diversity, and women’s leadership within their organization. They serve as a fitting tribute to the company’s vision, one that goes beyond music and resonates with social progress and equality.This project showcases the transformative power of business portraits in celebrating women in business and their invaluable impact on an organization’s culture. It has been an honor to be a part of this journey with Spotify, creating images that reflect the dedication and strength of women in the business world and fostering a workplace that values diversity and individuality.

Collaborations. Photographer in Milan |Mila Pro Photo


I am thrilled to announce that my photography has been selected to be featured in a stunning book about the enchanting city of Venice, published by the esteemed publishing house, Eksmo is a remarkable project by the talented author, Ekaterina Kolosova, marking her second book about Venice. Her deep love for this city is beautifully woven into the pages.

Venice, with its timeless canals, historic architecture, and vibrant culture, has always been a source of inspiration for me. The opportunity to share my perspective on this remarkable city through the lens of my camera is a dream come true.

Eksmo is a publishing house with a rich history of producing high-quality, visually stunning books. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to preserving the beauty of art and culture. The book, enriched by my photographic contributions under the authorship of Ekaterina Kolosova, will invite readers to embark on a historical voyage through Venice’s iconic landmarks, hidden historical jewels. Each image is a testament to my fervor for capturing the beauty of our world and sharing it with a global audience. The book, in its entirety, reflects Ekaterina Kolosova’s deep love for Venice and her commitment to showcasing its history and charm.

The privilege of having my work featured in a book, alongside the exceptional publishing expertise of Eksmo and the profound affection for Venice by the author, is an achievement that I will forever cherish.

Collaborations. Photographer in Milan |Mila Pro Photo

Collaborative Journey with

I’m excited to share the remarkable journey of ourå collaboration with, a distinctive platform that’s devoted to spotlighting the remarkable talents of beauty specialists throughout Italy. For over two years, I’ve had the honor of serving as their photographer, supporting their projects, and contributing to their visual identity on both Instagram and their website.

Our collaboration has entailed the creation of compelling images that tell the story of these remarkable beauty specialists. Through carefully composed photographs, we’ve highlighted the unique skills and passion that set them apart. These images have not only showcased their expertise but also revealed the vibrant and diverse beauty industry throughout Italy. is a remarkable platform that shines a spotlight on the exceptional beauty specialists who bring their unique talents to life across Italy. Collaborating with this platform has been an incredible journey of discovery, enabling me to capture the artistry and dedication of these professionals through the lens of my camera.

My role in shaping the personal brand of has been an exhilarating journey, one that has allowed me to craft the visual identity that defines this platform’s unique personality.

As the photographer behind, my task has been to bring the platform’s vision to life visually. With every photograph, I’ve aimed to capture the essence of the beauty industry and celebrate the incredible talent of beauty specialists throughout Italy. Through my lens, I’ve conveyed the artistry, dedication, and transformation that these professionals bring to their clients.

My journey as the photographer for has been a remarkable one, where each click of the camera has helped shape a brand that stands for beauty, creativity, and the art of transformation. It’s an honor to play a part in visually narrating the story of beauty professionals and the celebration of their craft.

Collaborations. Photographer in Milan |Mila Pro Photo

A Creative Collaboration with J. Design.Decor

I’m excited to share the narrative of our creative collaboration with J.Design.Decor, a visionary in the world of interior design. As the photographer behind this partnership, my role has been to visually narrate and showcase the artistry of J.Design.Decor’s founder and her personal brand.

J.Design.Decor’s founder is celebrated for her remarkable ability to breathe life and style into every space she touches. Collaborating with such a visionary entrepreneur has been a source of tremendous inspiration. My role in this collaboration signifies the opportunity to visually convey her unique brand story and the essence of her creative journey.

Our collaboration has been focused on capturing the essence of J.Design.Decor’s founder’s personal brand. It’s about showcasing her journey, passion, and unique approach to interior design. As her photographer, my task has been to translate her vision into striking images that resonate with her audience.

Together, we’ve embarked on a creative journey that allows us to tell the story behind her brand. The visuals we’ve created are a reflection of her individuality and the inspiration that drives her work. Each image captures the essence of her personal brand and conveys her dedication to her craft.

Our collaboration is not just about creating beautiful photographs; it’s about crafting timeless visuals that capture the essence of her personal brand. These images not only showcase her work but also convey the feelings, passion, and expertise that define her brand.

Our collaborative journey with J.Design.Decor’s founder is an ongoing adventure, where every project brings fresh opportunities for creativity and innovation. I look forward to sharing more of our work together and continuing to document the unique and inspiring journey of her personal brand.